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Flying to Los Cabos:Most folks who fly into SJD  get a rental car, if you plan on getting a rental car make sure you reserve in advance, the rates are much better than if you wing it.  The bus (about $15) is another optionalthough you will then need to get from San Antonio cut off (about 25k) or La Paz (about 35k) depending upon where you get off the bus.  There
are also shuttle services from Los Cabos to LV.

Flying to La Paz:From LAP you can arrange for a shuttle service or a cab to take you to La Ventana for about $75 settle upon the price prior to departure you can usually find someone to share the fare with you - just look for other kiters - they'll be going to La Ventana. 

If you plan on cooking or have any must have foods you will  want to stock up on food at one of the bigger markets in La Paz,  just ask the cab driver to take you to Chedraui or Soriana.  A car can come in handy for getting around La Ventana and the surrounding areas or to get to and from La Paz, but it is not necessary since there are many restaurants and a couple of small markets within easy walking distance of my casita.

How to get to Claire’s casita from Los Cabos:From San Jose head north towards La Paz.  You’ll go through Miraflores and past the turn off to La Ribera (or La Rivera) continue traveling north and you will pass Los Barriles, which is about one hour from the Los Cabos airport  (from Barriles to the San Antonio cut-off  is about 40 minutes).After Barriles you will go through San Bartolo following which will be a twisty, windy section of road you will come down a little hill and there will be the San Antonio  Pemex gas station on the left.  Just past the Pemex as it starts to go up the hill you take a right (if you pass the sign that says El Triunfo / La Paz you have gone too far). Take the right before the sign, go straight a hundred yards or so, the road kinda ends then take a left and it ends again and then take a right and you will be on the San Antonio road. There is a sign there that says Los Planes.  

The road is in good condtions but keep alert for livestock, lizards and road runners.  I think it’s 17 km. To the highway.  When you get to the end of the road it will veer left or right, you want to veer left, either way you’ll end up on the highway.  You want to be going left towards La Paz, (if you go right it will take you into Los Planes).  After taking a left on the highway you will pass a Pemex then a few more kilometers you will see a shrine of sorts, just past that you take a right which will take you into La Ventana/El Sargento (if you start going up a big hill – you have gone too far).   

From the turnoff to La Ventana/El Sargento:There’s various signs and also a billboard at the turnoff now.  It’s about 6 km into La Ventana.  At the top of the hill right before you drop down into La Ventana you will hit your first tope (speed bump).  Then you’ll come down the hill and hit another tope.  At the bottom of the hill you can turn right (but don't turn into the Baja Joe’s arroyo) and continue on the dirt road (you are now on my dirt road).  Go down a couple of hundred yards and my little orange casita is on the right.  It’s easy to miss but you CAN’T miss the big LIME GREEN house (Casa Verde) just north of me. If you miss the dirt road turn off you will still see Casa Verde if you look towards the water.  If so just make the next right to get on my dirt road.  If you get to “Vientos del Norte” (restaurant with store next to it  and a huge campground across the street)  you have gone too far.  If you get all messed up just ask someone where Casa Verde is, Casa- Clara is right next door.

From La Paz:If  you are trying to get to my place from La Paz get on the road to Los Planes (across from the Soriana store) once you are on the road towards Los Planes you will drive past the Yonke's and then through some hills (about 20k) shortly after spying the sea you will begin down a long hill - at the bottom of which is the turnoff to La Ventana/El Sargento - then follow the directions above.  If you pass a Pemex on your left you have gone too far, turn around and take your next right (approx. 3k)